Pre-Med Study Strategies – What I Wish I Knew in College (Tips from Medical School)

How to Study Better and Get Better Grades: Learn how to study smarter and more efficiently, which translates to better grades and more free time for the things you enjoy. These are the study strategies and tips I wish I had known in college, as they would have made my life much easier. This video will help you improve your grades and have you spend less time studying!

In medical school you are forced to learn information at a faster pace than in undergrad. In this video I go over the various strategies that helped me study more effectively and efficiently, and what I wish I knew during undergrad as a premed student. Life would have been much easier and I would have had more time to do other things if I knew these study tricks earlier.

Pens I used:

In this video, I help go over key strategies that will help premedical students excel in their courses and help gain admission to medical school. I cover:
1) Active vs Passive learning
2) Learning Environment
3) How to obtain information from lectures and textbooks
4) How to review information
5) Simple principles for test day


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