Memorization | Memory Palace and Mnemonics | How to Actually USE Them

Memorization is king for pre-meds and med students alike. You have also probably looked into how to improve your memory and come across key techniques like spaced repetition, flashcards, memory palace (method of loci), and mnemonics. But while many guides report the benefits of using each of these methods, it’s difficult to know how to actually implement each memorization method in your study routine. In this video I go over how I used each of these memorization methods to learn vast amounts of information in medical school quickly and effectively. Memorization was not one of my strengths, but using these techniques has made it much easier. I hope you find these tips equally helpful!

I go over:
1. Planning your memorization technique based on the type of information you need to learn
2. Flashcards (Anki)
3. Mnemonics
4. Memory Palace / Method of Loci
5. Reviewing each method regularly

Also, I have completely redone the website. It will be jam packed with high quality blog posts and content to supplement these videos. I will also be featuring guest posts on a regular basis from other medical students and residents. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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