MCAT Resources and Study Materials [Part 1/2]

How to Ace the MCAT: These are the materials and study schedule that I used to get a 99.9th percentile on the MCAT. In Part 1, I go over the specific resources including AAMC Official MCAT materials, The Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Course, Princeton Review Textbooks, Kaplan MCAT prep, ExamKrackers 101 Verbal Passages, and Khan Academy.

First, be sure to use the Official AAMC materials. No matter your budget, this is something you need to purchase and use. The practice tests are going to be the closest to the real MCAT. After all, its the same creators. As for which MCAT test prep company to use, I used Princeton Review and I was very happy with my experience. The reason I am a proponent of the Princeton Review is that they over-prepare you (but not excessively so), thus helping you achieve a top score. Verbal is a tricky beast that requires constant practice, in contrast to the other subject areas. A classic favorite is the EK 101 (ExamKrackers) verbal passage book which is fairly representative of the real exam.

Check out Part 2 for a study schedule on how to actually implement these resources in the months leading up to your exam.

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Official AAMC Guide to the MCAT:
AAMC Complete Resources:

Princeton Review MCAT FREE Practice Test:
Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set:
Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Course:
Princeton Review MCAT Self-Paced:

Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review:

ExamKrackers 101 Verbal Passages:
ExamKrackers MCAT Complete Study Guide:


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