How to Study More Effectively | Feynman Technique

Study smarter and study less with the Feynman Technique. The Feynman technique is particularly effective at helping you master difficult concepts. Named after the Nobel Prize winning Richard Feynman, the concept focuses on explaining a difficult concept in easy to understand language as if you were explaining it to someone else (or a child). By following the Feynman technique, I will show you how to learn difficult concepts quickly, spend less time studying, and remember concepts longer.

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The four steps are as follows:
1. Write the concept down
2. Explain it using simple language
3. Address (look up) problematic areas or questions that remain
4. Challenge yourself to simplify it further

I have found this to be a powerful concept that helps you cut study time shortly. I like mixing it up and adding group studying, which worked well for me. As always, figure out what works best for you!



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