Choosing a specialty is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in medical school. Everything from your life during medical school, to your life in residency, to your life beyond residency as an attending physician are all dramatically influenced by this singular decision. This is the systematic way to figure out which specialty is best suited for your personality.

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Why I Chose Plastic Surgery:
Best Paid Specialties:

01:14 The Data on Medical Specialty Selection
02:02 What Factors are Important to Decide on a Specialty?
03:40 The Systematic Approach to Choosing a Medical Specialty
03:47 1 | What Are your Areas of Scientific & Clinical Interest?
04:11 2 | Direct vs Indirect Patient Care
04:21 3 | Surgical, Medical, or Mixed Preference
05:31 4 | How Important is Work-Life Balance?
06:52 5 | What Type of Patient Population and Outcomes Would You Prefer?
07:30 6 | Tertiary Considerations
08:45 After You Narrow Your Specialty Choice, Confirm Your Decision


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