Extracurriculars for Medical School (and What I Did)

Getting good grades is just part of the equation for getting into medical school. Here’s how you should spend your free time in college. In this video, I go over extracurricular activities and tips on optimizing them for gaining admission to med school.

First, there is no magic bullet, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to extracurriculars. Everyone’s activities will be different. That being said, you should have activities in each of the three major groups:
1. Clinical
2. Research
3. Personal

Clinical exposure helps you understand (and show admissions committees that you understand) what it means to be a physician. This includes volunteering, medical mission trips, etc.

Research can be basic or clinical. Having some publications under your belt will help you be a more competitive applicant.

Personal activities are whatever you want them to be. Sports, outdoor activities, dance, racing your car, etc.

Leave a comment below on what your extracurriculars are!

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