Cervical Spinal Stenosis – Mayo Clinic

Dr. J. D. Bartleson, neurologist, explains cervical spinal stenosis and Mayo Clinic’s unique approach to treatment and care for patients. Visit http://mayocl.in/2zjCNCY for more information on spine care at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic’s Spine Center treats cervical spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck due to the overgrowth of bone spurs, bulging of discs and thickening of ligaments. Cervical spinal stenosis is an important condition to understand because the cervical spinal cord sends all sensory messages from below the neck to the brain and sends all motor messages to the body.

Cervical spinal stenosis is a relatively common condition. Over age 50, an estimated 5% of individuals will have significant spinal stenosis that pinches on their spinal cord.

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