What to know about Neurobion

Neurobion is a brand of supplements that contain a combination of B vitamins. Its manufacturers advertise that Neurobion can help improve nerve function.

Vitamin B-complex supplements, including Neurobion products, can help treat or prevent certain nutrient deficiencies. Talk to a doctor before taking any supplement, as they can interact with medication.

In this article, we look at the possible benefits, side effects, and risks of taking Neurobion.

Which vitamins do Neurobion products contain?

Woman taking neurobion supplement pills out of blister pack
Neurobion contains three of the eight B vitamins.

There are eight B vitamins in total, and each plays a role in making sure that the body’s cells — including the nerve, skin, and brain cells — are functioning properly. Learn about every type of B vitamin here.

Neurobion is a supplement that contains a combination of three B vitamins:

Two types of the supplement are available in the United States: Neurobion and Neurobion Forte.

Each regular Neurobion tablet contains:

  • 100 milligrams (mg) of vitamin B-1
  • 200 mg of vitamin B-6
  • 200 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin B-12

Each Neurobion Forte tablet contains:

  • 100 mg of vitamin B-1
  • 100 mg of vitamin B-6
  • 5 mg of vitamin B-12

Both Neurobion and Neurobion Forte contain well over 100% of the daily value of each vitamin recommended by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

There are also a number of generic forms of Neurobion, which may contain similar active ingredients.

How to take Neurobion

Neurobion is a daily oral nutritional supplement, meaning that a person takes one tablet per day. Swallow the tablet whole with water.

What can Neurobion help with?

The main benefit of taking Neurobion or similar combinations of B vitamins is to prevent or treat mild B vitamin deficiencies.

B vitamins play an important role in many functions in the body — they support a healthy nervous system, help create red blood cells, and help metabolize and use certain nutrients, for example.

B vitamin deficiencies result from not getting enough of the vitamins from the diet or from the body having difficulty absorbing them.

B vitamin deficiencies can cause various symptoms, such as:

Supplementation with B vitamins, such as those in Neurobion, may help prevent a deficiency that can cause these issues.

By helping to prevent B vitamin deficiencies, Neurobion can help support overall health.

If a person suspects that they have a vitamin deficiency, they should see a doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor can perform blood tests to check for deficiencies and recommend appropriate treatments and supplements.

What are the side effects?

Taking Neurobion can cause excessive urination.
Taking Neurobion can cause excessive urination.

Neurobion is generally safe when a person follows the instructions on the packaging. In some cases, doses of B vitamins can turn the urine bright yellow. This effect is temporary and harmless.

Taking too much of the product may cause side effects, such as:

Allergic reactions are also a rare side effect of B vitamin supplements.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction while taking Neurobion should seek medical attention immediately. Some of these symptoms include a rash, difficulty breathing, and swelling in the face or mouth.

Risks and warnings

B vitamins are generally safe for most people to use. The vitamins dissolve in water and do not build up in the tissues very well. This means that the body can easily remove any excess vitamins in the urine.

Because of this, B vitamins are generally nontoxic, with very little risk of causing harm. However, taking a very high dose can be dangerous and cause side effects.

Talk to a doctor before starting any new supplement. This is especially important for people who are taking ongoing medication and people with internal organ problems, such as kidney disease.

B vitamins generally have a low risk of interacting with medications, though some supplements can cause interference.

Who should take Neurobion?

Vegans and vegetarians have a potential risk of B vitamin deficiencies.
Vegans and vegetarians have a potential risk of B vitamin deficiencies.

The main benefit of Neurobion is that it can help prevent B vitamin deficiencies.

Many people get enough of each B vitamin through their diet, but some groups are more at risk of certain deficiencies than others.

People with a higher risk of vitamin B deficiencies include those who:

  • are pregnant
  • are over the age of 50
  • eat restricted diets with no animal products, such as vegan or vegetarian diets
  • take certain medications that reduce vitamin B levels in the body
  • have had gastric bypass surgeries

These people may consider taking B vitamins to protect against a deficiency.

While taking Neurobion may help prevent a vitamin B deficiency or treat a mild one, it may not be enough, in some cases. Severe vitamin B deficiencies may require much higher doses given under the guidance of a doctor.

Anyone who suspects that they have a vitamin B deficiency should see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.

Some people take vitamin B supplements, such as Neurobion, to prevent other conditions, including nerve problems.

B vitamins are crucial for many important functions in the body, but if a person gets enough of the vitamins from their diet, they will usually not need to take these supplements.


Neurobion products are combinations of three B vitamins. They can help prevent vitamin B-1, B-6, and B-12 deficiencies in people who are at risk, and they may be able to treat mild deficiencies.

They are not for everyone, however. People considering adding B vitamins to their daily routine should talk to a doctor in advance.

Neurobion is generally a safe supplement and a straightforward way to get certain B vitamins.

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